Shellac Nails St Helens

shellacShellac Nails™

Shellac goes on like regular nail polish but wears like gel, allowing you to walk out of the salon without that “oh god i’m gonna smudge it before I get outta here” feeling.

A professional only product not available in the shops, Shellac is must for those that prefer natural nails but love the hassle and maintenance free convenience of gel. Shellac gives you this but without damaging your natural nail plate. Beautiful colour and shine that’ll last longer than your holidays without chipping or smudging and removed in about 10mins with no filing, buffing or soaking! Currently available in over 100 gorgeous colours plus additives which gives unlimited colour layering options too!

  • Full colour £25
  • French £25
  • Shellac Art from £30

Shellac Nail Art Design Gallery St Helens

Shellac tutti frutti butterfly nails shellac st helensShellac st helens | midnight and roses french polishshellac st helens peacock crystalshot chilli shellac st helens ribbons nail artShellac st helens fedora rockstar nails

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