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spray tanning st helensCrazy Angel Spray Tan St Helens

Omni Therapy Rooms in St Helens offer the best in spray tanning technology. Crazy Angel is a fabulous collection of professional spray tanning products. Combining ultra moisturising Bearberry extract with naturally derived dual tanning agents, Crazy Angel creates a flawless, luxurious and long lasting spray tan whilst nourishing the skin. Crazy Angel Spray Tan is available at Omni Therapy Rooms in St Helens

3 choices of colour intensity –

  • Midnight Mistress
  • Twilight Mistress
  • Golden Mistress

with the option to personalise your spray tan with “Take Me Higher” tan intensifier drops

  • Spray Tanning £20
  • Express Develop Spray Tan £25
  • Monthly Course of 4 spray tans £60 non transferable
  • Group Bookings of 3 or more £15 per person


What do I need to do before a spray tan?

The night before your spray tan appointment, ensure that you shave and exfoliate as necessary. You may also moisturise at this time.

On the morning of your spray tan, please DO NOT moisturise, this will act as a barrier between your skin and the tan. Prior to coming to the salon, remove all deodorant, make up and perfume/aftershave as again this can cause the tan to look green in those areas.


Disposable thongs are available to use during your spray tan, or alternatively please wear dark underwear (bra optional) as the tan will catch on to clothing during the tanning process and may stain lighter fabrics.

For after your tan, its recommended to wear dark loose clothing and flip flops or loose sandals.

How long before I can shower?

Its recommended to wait 8 hours before having a quick shower, do not use exfoliating mitts etc as this will take more of the tan off. Pat or drip dry and then moisturise, the more moisturiser the better as this will help prolong the tan.

How long does the tan last?

Crazy Angel Spray Tan can last from 7-10 days will the right maintenance of moisturising daily. Chlorinated swimming pools, and long soaks in the bath will cause the tan to fade quicker.

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