Gua Sha Massage

After effects of Gua Sha Massage on a client with emotional issues – the red marking show the areas of heat and stagnation

Gua Sha, loosely translated means “scraping of the red marks”. The scraping is done on oiled bare skin, with a special Gua Sha tool usually made of Jade or horn, but often metal or ceramic tools are used depending on the strength of the treatment required. The movement squashes the soft tissues bringing stagnated blood and toxins to the surface where the blood supply to the skin can carry it away more readily than if it were in the deeper layers. It also gives a deep tissue massage and can be very relaxing. It is often used for cosmetic purposes as well as clinical and is very good for scar and wrinkle reduction.

My innovative tendon recovery process allows me to treat sports injuries in a fraction of the time, as used on professional and world champion weight lifters, body builders, MMA fighters, Boxers and football players.

Gua Sha Massage can also be used in combination with Chinese Cupping Therapy to accelerate the healing time and give maximum benefits

Targeted Gua Sha Massage – 30mins £27

Gua Sha Massage – 1 hour £40

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